About Us

Building Brighter Futures Together

At Obsidian Support Services, we are more than an organization; we are a community united by a shared vision. We believe in a world where every child and young adult, regardless of their developmental, behavioral, and complex needs, has the opportunity to thrive, belong, and achieve their dreams. Our foundation is built on the core principles of collaboration, understanding, and respect.

Our Mission

With a relentless commitment to offering brighter futures, we provide comprehensive support services tailored to the individual needs of those we serve. Recognizing and celebrating each person's unique gifts, we strive to create an environment where dreams are not only encouraged but realized. Our mission extends beyond assistance—it's about empowering individuals to carve their path to success.

Our History

"Obsidian was born from a deep-seated belief that every person deserves a chance to succeed. Established to meet the diverse needs of our community's most vulnerable. Our journey is one of continuous learning, adapting, and expanding our reach to ensure no one is left behind."

Our Values

  • Collaboration: Working hand-in-hand with families, caregivers, and community partners to provide traditional teachings.
  • Understanding: Taking the time to actively listen, comprehend, and respect the unique circumstances and teaching of each individual.
  • Respect: Treating every person with dignity, celebrating diversity, and advocating for equity and inclusion.
  • Empowerment and mentorship: Encouraging self-expression, independence, and active participation in community life.

Our Commitment

We understand the journey is not always easy, but we're here to support our community members and their families every step of the way. By investing time, effort, creativity, and diplomacy, we ensure the highest care quality and meaningful outcomes.