Our Services

In-Home Support Services

Our In-Home Support programs at Obsidian are meticulously designed to prevent child welfare apprehension of Indigenous persons from their homes and communities—a common consequence of traditional mental health support models.

We understand the profound negative impacts that separation from cultural and community connections can have on the emotional and psychological health of Indigenous persons.

Our programs offer customized safety plans tailored to each family's unique needs, delivered directly in the comfort and security of their own community. This approach ensures we meet families exactly where they are, providing targeted support for the specific behavioral and emotional challenges they face.

We offer a range of flexible support plans to meet the specific needs of each person, with staffing ratios varying from one-to-one to three-to-one, ensuring highly individualized support. Our services include:

  • Early Support: Tailored for persons with mild to moderate support needs, offering up to 15 hours per week of interventions like counseling and life skills training to forestall the escalation of more severe issues.
  • High-Risk Intervention: Aimed at persons displaying high-risk behaviors, this intensive support involves 16-35 hours per week of specialized interventions, including crisis management, to stabilize behaviors and prevent harm.
  • Placement Deterrence: For those at imminent risk of institutional placement, this intense level of support provides up to 24 hours of daily support, focusing on comprehensive behavioral management and daily living skills to maintain the person within their community environment.

Our experienced professionals collaborate closely with each family to formulate a tailored support plan that fosters resilience, strengthens familial bonds, and enhances community ties. Our ultimate goal is to empower Indigenous persons and their families to overcome challenges, improve their well-being, and achieve lasting, positive change, all while maintaining vital cultural connections.

    Community Living Supports

    Our community support extends beyond residential care, helping individuals participate fully in society through:

    • Social and Recreational Opportunities: Encouraging engagement and a sense of belonging.
    • Independence and Self-Worth: Promoting autonomy and positive self-identity.
    • Creative Self-Expression: Supporting individuals in exploring and expressing their unique selves.

    Individualized Care Plans

    Crafted by our registered Behavioural Therapists, each care plan is personalized, focusing on:

    • Holistic Development: Addressing emotional, physical, spiritual, and intellectual growth.
    • Personal Goals: Working towards individual dreams and objectives.
    • Sensory and Occupational Wellness: Tailoring activities to suit sensory needs and foster skills development.

    Consultation and Collaboration

    Collaboration is key to our approach, involving:

    • Family and Caregivers: Ensuring voices of loved ones are heard and integrated into care plans.
    • Community Agencies: Working with a network of resources to provide comprehensive support.
    • Continuous Feedback Loop: Regularly updating and adjusting care plans based on ongoing consultations.

    Specialized Programs

    Our programs are as unique as the individuals we serve, including:

    • Educational and Vocational Training: Supporting academic and career aspirations.
    • Life Skills Development: Teaching practical skills for independence and daily living.
    • Recreational Activities: Offering a range of activities for enjoyment and skill-building.