Our Services

Residential Support Services

We provide a home away from home where children and youth with complex needs can thrive. Our residential services are rooted in creating a stable, supportive environment, focusing on:

  • Assessments and Arrangements: Tailoring living situations to each individual's needs.
  • Structure and Routine: Offering a predictable, safe environment that fosters growth.
  • Home-Like Atmosphere: Ensuring every residence feels warm and welcoming.

Community Living Supports

Our community support extends beyond residential care, helping individuals participate fully in society through:

  • Social and Recreational Opportunities: Encouraging engagement and a sense of belonging.
  • Independence and Self-Worth: Promoting autonomy and positive self-identity.
  • Creative Self-Expression: Supporting individuals in exploring and expressing their unique selves.

Individualized Care Plans

Crafted by our registered Behavioural Therapists, each care plan is personalized, focusing on:

  • Holistic Development: Addressing emotional, physical, spiritual, and intellectual growth.
  • Personal Goals: Working towards individual dreams and objectives.
  • Sensory and Occupational Wellness: Tailoring activities to suit sensory needs and foster skills development.

Consultation and Collaboration

Collaboration is key to our approach, involving:

  • Family and Caregivers: Ensuring voices of loved ones are heard and integrated into care plans.
  • Community Agencies: Working with a network of resources to provide comprehensive support.
  • Continuous Feedback Loop: Regularly updating and adjusting care plans based on ongoing consultations.

Specialized Programs

Our programs are as unique as the individuals we serve, including:

  • Educational and Vocational Training: Supporting academic and career aspirations.
  • Life Skills Development: Teaching practical skills for independence and daily living.
  • Recreational Activities: Offering a range of activities for enjoyment and skill-building.